Unlimited fibre packages

Go faster with our unlimited fibre deals.  If you have a big household and loads of devices connected at the same then fibre is for you! There's no usage allowance either so you never have to worry about streaming or downloading your favourite movies and TV shows too much. 

Our unlimited fibre packages are available on a 12 month contract. 

Up to 38MbUp to 76Mb
Download speedUp to 38MbUp to 76Mb
Monthly allowanceUnlimitedUnlimited
Price after 12 months £35.00£40.00
Activation fee£35.00£35.00
Contract length

* Dependant on location, phone line and time of day.

** Free router applies for the duration of the broadband service only and a fee will apply if the router is not returned after cancelling the service


Fibre Gaming

Say goodbye to buffering, say hello to superfast fibre 

Never let speed slow you down or interupt you again with our unlimited fibre packages.  If you're a serious online gamer or stream movies and TV shows online everyday then Fibre Ultimate is perfect for you. There's unlimited monthly usage and you'll get speeds of up to 76Mb.

But do I really need fibre? We'd recommend fibre if you:

  • Regularly download films or large files
  • Upload large files or videos online
  • Game online
  • Use video calling services like Skype
  • Use streaming services on more than one device at the same time

Please note that to receive TenTel fibre you must be in a fibre enabled area. An engineer may be required to visit your property to activate fibre. All fibre packages are taken out as a 12 month contract.