Fibre FAQs

What is TenTel fibre?

The TenTel super fast fibre broadband gives you the fastest possible connection speed. Though the service isn't available UK-wide yet, we're rolling it out across the UK as quickly as possible. When compared to our standard broadband, TenTel fibre gives you speeds of up to 76Mb in comparison to 17Mb for standard broadband, this means you can download music quicker, stream TV or videos with less interruptions and even connect multiple devices without any noticeable drop in speed.


Can I get TenTel fibre broadband in my area?

The speedy rollout of our fibre broadband means that TenTel fibre is becoming available to more and more homes across the UK every day. If you can receive any other fibre broadband service then you're likely to be able to receive TenTel fibre. If you'd like to sign up to TenTel fibre, simply give us a quick call on 03330 112 321 and we'll check your line and get you signed up before you know it!


How is my TenTel fibre broadband installed?

Depending on the fibre option you've chosen and whether there's been fibre installed in the property previously, your TenTel fibre may be installed by an engineer if there has never been a fibre broadband service at the property in the past. However in the event that fibre broadband has already been installed, we'll simply send you your router and you can plug it in and connect right away!


How does TenTel fibre broadband compare to regular broadband?

The TenTel fibre broadband is superfast, giving you download speeds of up to 76Mb. This means downloading music, uploading photos and watching videos or streaming live TV much faster and with a lot less interruptions. It also means if you have multiple devices connected to your wifi, such as TV, mobile phones, tablets, computers or online games, your speeds will remain superfast across all your devices.


What things can affect the speed of my TenTel fibre broadband?

Our fibre broadband is superfast, offering speeds of up to 76Mb, but there are some things that can sometimes affect the speeds you receive. These can include the distance between your property and the local exchange, number of other devices connected to your router and their usage, internet security suites on your computer or device, individual websites, viruses and spyware and even the positioning of your router!


Do I need to sign a contract when I switch to TenTel fibre broadband?

Yes, our fibre broadband package comes under a standard 18 month contract.


Is there any connection fee for TenTel fibre broadband?

Yes, there is a £49 connection charge when you sign up to our fibre broadband.


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