How does the Roku player work?

Roku players connect directly to your TV and to your broadband via your TenTel router. You choose the TV programs and movies you want to watch, whenever you want to watch them! 

What do I need?

You only really need three things, a TV, a HDMI cable (for the best video quality) and a broadband connection with a Wi-Fi router! 

How much does it cost?

For the Roku box there’s only a one-off payment for the box itself. There are no monthly fees to use your Roku player, and many Roku channels offer you high-quality movies and TV programs for free. However, depending on which channels you want to watch, such as Netflix for example, subscription fees may apply. 

Can I download or record movies or TV programs

Unfortunately not, however because the Roku box streams content from the web, all the channels, programs and movies are ready and waiting for on-demand viewing.

Do I need a HD TV to use Roku?

No, if you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV it’s not a problem. The Roku box versions will be perfect for your older TV as they connect directly to your TV via composite cables.

Is a Roku account free?

The basic Roku account you use in conjunction with the Roku Box or Stick is completely free. However you will be required to enter your payment information to provide you the convenience of making purchases from the Roku Channel Store on your TV. You’ll only ever be charged if you a make a purchase however.

Is the Roku Player portable?

Yes, in fact the Roku Player is so portable that you can easily take it from a TV in one room to the next, and if you move home it isn’t tied to your property so you can take it anywhere!


Need more help?

The official Roku website has a number of guides and videos in their support section, check it out here